Results live

in the subtle & the profound

In this work, we see the unseen.

🌬Blocks become visible to be dismantled.

Symptoms: Blocks to growth. Creative blocks. Writer's block. Fear. Not seeing a thing. Barriers. Obstacle courses. Hoops to jump through. Anxieties. Confidence issues. Feeling lost. Feeling jarbled.
Let's unblock you, remove the impediments to your path, to your feelings of fulfillment, to your manifestation.

🌬Patterns reveal themselves to be understood and renegotiated.

Symptoms: Reoccurring problems. Repetitive arguments. Same relationship issues. Similar themes. Thought patterns. Generational patterns. Work patterns. Work-life balance. Self sabotage. "Every time I..." Accidents. Injuries.

Let's empower you to create a beautful life design that you choose.

🌬Snarls and knotted conundrums rise to reveal root cause and be unraveled.

Symptoms: Self defeat. Confidence issues. Feeling bound. Stuckness. Body complaints. Road blocks. Inability to connect.

Let's look through a different lens and draw what is needed to you.

🌬Old tired stories present to be retired and rewritten.

Symptoms: Energetic Enmeshment. Lack of sovereignty. Disbelief. Feeling small. Scarcity. Lack. Fear. Unsatisfying Relationships.

Let's actualize your dreams, pull them closer in this middle world, and create a bridge from you to them.

🌬Your energy is released from old patterns and returned to you.

Symptoms: Exhaustion. Hypervigilance. Shielding. Fear. Anxiety. Lack of confidence. Projection. Feeling stretched. Overwhelm. Lacking resource.

Let's revitalize and resource you with your own reclaimed energy.

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